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About Us

We know it can be a little unnerving to step into a new thing, especially when you’re not exactly sure about the details. So we want to give you some more info about who we are at our core and answer some basic questions.

At Our Core

At Our Core
Image by Anaya Katlego

Our core beliefs are basic beliefs about ourselves. They are things we hold to be absolute truths deep down under the surface of Covenant Church.

Image by Ben White

Our core doctrines are the  statements of fundamental truths that shape our actions, thoughts, and life's. It is the truths that we hold to be true in how God has revealed himself to us and how we interact with God. 

Image by Ben White

Our core values are the “soul” of Covenant Church. They are the principles and priorities that drive our interaction with one another and with our community.

Image by Danielle MacInnes
Core Membership

Our core membership is more than just a name on a list or a "check the box at the end of the service" moment, it is a covenant partnership with each other. As covenant partners, we hope to stand out as a gospel-centered community on mission together for Jesus.

What To Expect

What to Expect

Sometimes getting to know someone stirs up a lot of questions. So let us help you by answering some of the most common questions we hear about the church to give you a picture of what Covenant Church looks like week to week and hopefully address issues important to you

Have any other questions that were not answered?

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