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A Letter to a Soul Seeking Jesus | Series (4 of 6)

This series is for those who are seeking Jesus and for those desiring to lead people to Him. It is created from a group of six letters written by Robert Murray M’Cheyne to a lady within his congregation that was troubled about her soul as he carefully points her to Christ. These letters are contained in The Memoirs and Remains of Robert Murray M’Cheyne by Andrew Bonar, and they are useful to believers today in teaching us how to care for souls and guide them to Christ.

Robert Murray M'Cheyne (1813 - 1843) was the minister at St Peter's Church in Dundee, Scotland, from 1836 to 1843. As a pastor and evangelist, he had a great love for souls, which is very evident in the letters that he wrote to individuals in his care. He faithfully served as a godly pastor until his death, dying from typhus at the age of 29. His love for Christ is the legacy that he left behind, and that still continues to encourage believers today.

In this fourth letter to a woman who sought after Christ, M'Cheyne starts explaining the beauty and preciousness of Jesus that is revealed by the Holy Spirit and given the eyes of faith to look upon their Savior, which is a gift from God. He details the wonders of Christ and the fountain of living water. It is a wonderful reminder for us today that we have a Savior who loves His people and who was willing to lay His life down for them. We often keep our focus on ourselves, what we should be, what we want, or what we look like, but M’Cheyene offers us, Christ, to look to Him and taste the sweetness of His grace, to seek the preciousness of His love, and enjoy the fruits of His work. Oh my friend, look to Christ and behold His glory!

Tasting The Living Water

Dear Friend,

It is written, "Unto you who believe He is precious;" and if you are a child of God, you will know and feel what the words mean (1 Pet. 2:7). At one time Christ was "like a tender plant" to you, and like "a root out of a dry ground." You saw "no form nor beauty in Him, no beauty that you should desire Him." At that time you were at ease in Zion—you had no concern for your soul. Do you remember that time? Is it otherwise with you now? Have you been pricked in your heart by the Holy Spirit? Have you been made to see how impossible it is for man to be just with God? and has the Spirit drawn away the veil from the fair face of Immanuel, and given you an unfeigned glance at the brow that was crowned with the thorns, and the cheek from which they plucked off the hair? Has the Spirit opened a window into the heart of Jesus, and let you see the fountain-head of that love that "passes knowledge?" Then you will be able to say, "To me He is precious."

If you see plainly that all your standing before God is in Him, that He is your foundation-stone, your fountain, your wedding-garment, then you will feel Him to be precious.

Most people refuse to come to Christ. Read Luke 14:16-24—"They all with one consent began to make excuse." Why is this? Just because they do not see and feel that He is precious. But oh, if you, my dear friend, feel that He is your only righteousness—your only fountain of living water—your High Priest—your Shepherd—you Advocate, then you will say, "He is precious!" You will never say, "Have me excused." I carry to you the sweet invitation, "Come, for all things are now ready." Jesus is ready to wash and clothe you in His own blood and righteousness.

The Holy Spirit is ready to come into your heart and make it new. The Father is ready to put His arms round your neck, and kiss you (Luke 15:20). The angels are ready to give thanks for you, and to love you as a sister for eternity. Now, will you come, for 'all things are ready'? Are you now saying in your heart, "I cannot but believe I am the chief of sinners, and Jesus offers to be my refuge, my Mediator, my all in all; I feel He is precious"? Oh, dear friend, I trust you do. This only will make you happy in living, and blessed in dying. This is a poor dying world.

Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble. There is no part here that death cannot take from us. But if you have Christ, you have the only imperishable portion!

Oh, may the Holy Spirit give you a firm hold of Jesus! then we shall meet in that sweet place, where there shall be no more death, neither sorrow nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain. The Lord deal kindly and gently with you, both soul and body. Farewell, dear friend.

Ever yours,

Robert Murray M'Cheyne


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